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Work Elements to Study

THINGS TO STUDY –  Source: Tom Snow – Orlando, Florida

  • Equipment Testing and Adjustment
  • State Plane Coordinates, Angle Conversion and Scale and Sea Level Corrections – (Lambert and Transverse Mercator)
  • Differential and Trigonometric and Metric Leveling
  • Tape Corrections
  • Percentages for Grading, Slope Ratios
  • Proration
  • Field Math and its Applications – Basic Math – Unit Conversion
  • Deflection Angles, Back Azimuth, Sets of Angles
  • Bearing and Azimuth Calculations
  • Traverse Calculations
    • Mean Angle and Distance
    • Closures and Adjustments
  • Areas and Acreage Calculations
  • Volume and Earthwork Calculations
  • Horizontal Curve Layout Computations
  • Vertical Curves
  • Stationing on Tangents and on Curves – Station Equations
  • Distance Conversions “Slope to Horizontal”
  • Error in Angles
  • Polaris and Sunshot Observation and Calculations
  • Surveying Equipment from Old to New in Detail
  • History-Sectional Survey, Townships, Ranges, Metes and Bounds
  • Horizontal and Vertical Control: Orders of Accuracy and Different Classes of Surveys
  • Pipe Grades
  • Side Slope Calculations, Slope Staking
  • Magnetic Bearing Conversions
  • Scales and Conversion
  • Working with Coordinates (Lengths, Bearing)
  • Working with Angles, Angle Calculation
  • Know how to look up surveying terms in index of books.Review Typical Formulas (See Formula Sheets)


Certified Survey Technician