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Level I

New Work Elements go into effect on January 1, 2023.

Level I Technicians are required to demonstrate knowledge of basic first aid skills and safety requirements. The individual in this position possesses a basic knowledge of field operations and types of surveys as well as familiarity with field equipment and procedures used in these functions. Additional skills required include computational ability, survey note taking, drafting/CAD and map reading. Work Elements further describe the requirements related to this position.

Work Elements

The number in parenthesis represents the number of questions for that element on the test.

Test problems will be taken from the following work elements:

1)  Survey Types and History (15)    

Knowledge of the different types of surveying and the basic differences between them.

Knowledge of the historical development of survey procedures and practices

2)  Field Equipment & Operations (75)

Knowledge of the care, cleaning and use of surveying tools and equipment, including field radios. Understand the names, purpose and parts, setup, transport and the need for calibration of various surveying field instruments. Some historical knowledge of equipment and operations is required. Knowledge of the field duties of a Survey Technician such duty areas may include line clearing, establishing points, taping, leveling and compass reading. Knowledge of the basic types of surveying field notes.

3)  Survey Control (6)

Knowledge of types of survey control points and their differences

4)  Survey Computations (50)

Knowledge of mathematics and measurements relating to surveying (including linear, angular, slope calculations, elevations and unit systems conversion).

5)  Office Operations, Plan Reading and Preparation (34)

Knowledge of the types of surveying maps and the ability to obtain basic information from these maps.

Knowledge of basic drafting and CAD skills and procedures.

6)   First Aid & Safety (20)

Basic knowledge of treatment practices for a variety of medical emergencies. Knowledge of traffic control and safety procedures for surveying and construction operations, including Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.

Certified Survey Technician