Sample Tests

These sample tests has been prepared to provide an example of what an actual Certified Survey Technician (CST) Examination might be like. In addition to the sample exam, it includes the answers to the sample questions given. Examples of where to find resources to solve these sample questions are given as well to aid the “student”. Using this as your only study guide is not recommended.

This sample examination is 25% of an actual exam. The work element order is the same as in the full examination with approximately one quarter the number of questions. These are not actual questions from past exams, but do reflect the complexity and makeup of actual exam questions.

Additional information about the CST program and exam availability can be obtained at:

NSPS CST Program
5119 Pegasus Court, Suite Q
Frederick, MD 21704
(240) 439-4615 ext. 112
[email protected]

Certified Survey Technician