Why Use CST

As the state director of the NSPS, it is my responsibility and personal initiative to promote the Certified Survey Technician (CST) program. Most of those reading are probably licensed professionals who may not think there would be need for CST certification.

However, how many licensed professionals send field crew personnel out into the field or have plats drafted regularly, knowing that every time these tasks are performed, your license, liability, and livelihood are at stake?

That being said, is it wiser to promote and invest in someone who has proven competency through further education and experience than one who does not demonstrate the motivation and desire to excel in his chosen field?

Perhaps it is my opinion that the answer to this question is yes, but it is not only I who recognizes the benefits of this program. The industry, the federal government, and the military recognize the CST program for certifying the ability and competency of survey technicians.

Some of the many benefits of having this program are as follows:

  • Identifies the important contributions that the technicians provide to the surveying and mapping profession
  • Provides credentials to technicians
  • Identifies those who have achieved specific technical competencies
  • Provides a career ladder for technicians
  • Provides those firms who support and utilize certified technicians a way to evaluate applicants and an opportunity to promote that their technical staff are certified.

Regardless of location in the state, the CST examination may be proctored within an applicant’s LSPS district. I want to encourage those who are licensed or already CST certified to share this opportunity with promising individuals in our field that may not be looking to acquire a professional license.

Those interested in the program or those with questions can access all information and necessary materials at the NSPS website.

Robert W. Overall, P.L.S.
NSPS State Director - Louisiana