Employers Use CST

Benefits FOR and Uses BY FIRMS 

  • Sets a standard for your technical staff
  • Can be used as a hiring requirement
  • Can be used as qualification points for hiring decision making
  • Can be incorporated in your QA/QC Program
  • Can be used as a career ladder which creates a promotional tool within your firm or agency (career development).
  • Can be used in conjunction with training
  • Raises the bar and creates healthy competition
  • Creates a better qualified staff – more production - more valuable employees– you can pay your staff more – you can attract better staff – your job becomes easier
  • Better qualified staff – less mistakes – reputation improves – more business
  • Can be used as a contract requirement for professional service providers/consultants.
  • Can be used as a contract requirement for construction contracts.
  • Can be used as a pre qualification requirement in A/E procurement (Brook’s Act).
  • Can be used as a contract requirement for professional survey services contracts.
  • Improves confidence in services procured.


  • Recognition by Peers and Employers
  • Personal Pride — Achieving Certification
  • Pay — CST’s make about 10% more
  • Career and Employment opportunities improve — “CST Preferred” and “CST Required”
  • Prepares you for other professional Exams
  • CST Program compliments training
  • Skills will improve – making advancement possible
  • Certification improves image of survey technicians within the agency

Companies who have a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with NSPS

Central Florida Chapter of Florida Surveying and Mapping Society
Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc
Maser Consulting
McKim and Creed
Westwood Professional Services, Inc.

Companies using the program in 2019

Acura Engineering
Accurate Infrastructure Data
Adams Surveying Company
Allen & Company
Avirom & Associates
Banks Engineering
Beck Engineering
Becker Morgan Group
Bello & Bello Land Surveying
Bryant Hammett & Associates
CEI Engineering Associates
Century Engineering
Charles P. Johnson & Associates
D.Woolley & Associates
E & A Consulting Group
EPS Group
FGS Surveyors
F.R. Aleman & Associates
Farner Barley & Associates
Feldman Land Surveyors
GBI Partners
Hugo Reed & Associates
Hunt Engineering Co
KDM Meridian
L & S Diversified
Lange Land Surveys
Local 15 Operating Engineers
Lochrane Engineering
Maddox Engineers & Surveyors Inc
Mercado Consultants
Meridian Engineering
MSA Consulting Inc
Navajo Housing Authority
Neathamer Surveying
Nothline Surveying
Rauch Inc
Rick Engineering
Ronald Carroll Surveyors
Sliger & Associates
Structural Grace
Tompkins Survey & Mapping
Transglobal Services
Travis Pruitt & Associates
T. B. Smith
Timmons Group
Urban Alliance
Wantman Group Inc
Williams & Works
W.C. Sherrill & Co
Zahner & Associates

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