Calculator Policy

Programmable and non-programmable calculators are permitted during CST exam testing if they are: silent, without external power or without communication links such as Bluetooth, infrared and wireless technology. In addition, allowed calculators shall not have external memory cards, modules, USB flash drives or ports for such devices.

The use of any device having a QWERTY keyboard / keypad during the exam is strictly prohibited. The following devices are also prohibited, whether or not they have a QWERTY keyboard / keypad function: Palmtop, Laptop, Tablet, Handheld or Desktop computers, Personal readers, Data Banks, Data Collectors, and Personal Data Assistants (PDA). Also, cell phones, cameras, scanners, video recorders or any other copying devices are prohibited. Calculators with other style alphanumeric keyboard / keypads are acceptable.

Notwithstanding the above, the NSPS CST Board or its designees have the right to prohibit the use of any device which, in the opinion of the Board, poses a threat to exam security.

The HP41 and HP48 are not allowed because they contain a communication link (infrared port) and an external memory card port which does not meet the requirements for use on CST exams as established by NSPS CST Board.

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